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Magic Hands

"One word....Yumi has magic hands!"

R.W. Honolulu

IVF Assistant and Pregnancy Care

"At friend of mine introduced me to Yumi after my husband and I were having fertility treatment of a few years and we had just decided to step up to IVF. In order to stimulate blood circulation, I was walking everyday and saw Yumi once a week. With her help I could luckily conceive with the first IVF procedure. Yumi recommended me to eat pineapple cores (I made smoothies) and drink raspberry leaf tea to help embryo implantation. On the day of the embryo transfer, I saw her in the morning for acupuncture treatment to enhance the implantation as well.

Going through fertility treatments are not easy. You might not see good results, or you don't know what will happen next if the treatment was unsuccessful, and hormone injections every single is painful. I went through these feelings, however, after I started seeing Yumi and receiving her treatments, I felt more confident, proactive and positive during the IVF procedure. She always understands what her patients are feeling and I really appreciate her sincerity and willingness to help me with her skill and knowledge. Now I am in the final month of my pregnancy and I am having prenatal massages from Yumi, which makes my body and mind feel very relaxed.

Apart from the fertility treatments, I have been suffering from migraines for a long time. I had tried acupuncture and massage from other therapists and sometimes I had seen therapists when I was actually having a migraine, but pain had never went away after the treatment. However, there were many times when Yumi's acupuncture helped to relieve the pain right after her treatment. I was simply amazed with her technique.

I highly recommend to see Yumi if you are having feritility treatments, as well as migtaines or any other uncomfortable sympoms that bothers you in your daily life. Seh is also fun to talk to, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy having her treat you.

Y. S. Honolulu, HI

Intolarance to Gluten

"Yumi is second to none in her ability to zero in and find and heal the troubled spots throughout my body and has significantly improved the quality of my life by greatly reducing my intolerance to gluten. I recommend her often without hesitation to many people I know who are needlessly suffer from allergies and muscular, joint paint to see Dr. Yumi. She gets right to the point!"

V. B. Honolulu、HI

Pregnancy Care

"Yumi has helped me tremendously throughout my entire pregnancy. I regularly went to see her for acupuncture and shiatsu treatments. Acupuncture helped me overcome my morning sickness as well as ease my bladder discomfort. Shiatsu helped with my lower back pain and overall body aches that majority of women experience during pregnancy. Yum i's genuine personality, supportiveness and availability made my pregnancy much more tolerable and comfortable. What made the treatments more valuable is that Yumi would explain in detail what she felt was the underlining condition to my discomforts. If you are pregnant and are experiencing any type of discomfort, I recommend that you give Yumi a call! It is worth it!"

Steph K., Honolulu, HI

Painful Period

"I decided to try acupuncture after my sister-in-law had great results with her chronic autoimmune disease. I have suffered from painful periods for as long as I remember. At the age of eighteen I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I continued to have problems throughout my twenties followed by several laparoscopic surgeries to help the conditions. The doctors placed me on several different forms of hormones and nothing ever really helped. I can honestly say there have been times I didn't know if I would live through the pain of my monthly "visitor". I always felt like this was normal for all women. I also noticed (or I should say my husband noticed!) that about a week before my periods I was very cranky and had quick mood changes. I sought a doctor's help for this too. They quickly prescribed anti-depressants. I felt like this would help...even though I had a hard time finding one that didn't cause a lot of side effects. Time went by and life continued until we moved to Hawaii.

I found Yumi through my husband's uncle's neice...I know what a story but it was worth the effort. I started seeing Yumi in October of 2008. I was very nervous as I am a critical care registered nurse and I honestly like being on the other end of the needle! Yumi quickly put me at ease. I found it easy to tell her my ailments. She asked questions and then listened! She was very thorough and took quite a bit of time to complete our first session. I can honestly say that since that first treatment I have not been the same. I saw her two times the first week and started my period the following week. For the first time since I have had a period I did not have cramps!!! I never knew that was possible. I quit taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills about six weeks after my first treatment. I felt like a fog lifted from my head. I even surprised Yumi with this as I told her after I quit taking them. I haven't had them for quite a while now and I continue to feel better. I know little about Eastern medicine but I would go as far as saying I am more "balanced" than ever before. We are hoping to get pregnant in 2009 and know Yumi will play a pivotal role in helping us with fertility as endometriosis can often make this difficult.

Yumi has such an amazing gift. I could never thank her enough for helping me. I look forward to my weekly treatments. I know that no matter how I feel before I step in her office, I will feel much better when she is done."

Heather C. Wahiawa, HI

Knee Pain and Stress

"My name is Clifton Oliver. In December of 2007, I was a cast member of the 1st national tour of Disney's hit musical..."The Lion King". While performing the role of Simba, in Hawaii, I was stricken with severe pain in my left and sometime right knees. I was referred by a local doctor to have acupuncture treatments for this pain. I received several weeks of treatments by Ms. Yumi Fujii. Through these wonderful treatments, Ms. Yumi nursed my knees back to proper health. As a matter of fact, I had struggled with this pain for years and, my knees have never felt better. So, I strongly believe that acupuncture is most definitely a smart alternative to prescription drugs. I also learned that it helps relieve stress, which we all can use!!!!"

Sincerely....:"Simba"/Clifton Oliver

Lower Back Pain

"One year ago, I had back surgery and it has been a slow and painful recovery. Yumi helped me deal with the back pain through acupuncture. I am in less pain and able to carry on with my daily task at work and home."

Edel Y., Honolulu, HI

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